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Floweye is a platform which enables you to develop process oriented applications and optimise workflow. Floweye comes with a configuration language interpreter and coding tools to help you set up ‘process templates’. These process templates consist of process steps/tasks which guide and control the workflow.

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Main features

Code editing

The code of each process template can be edited easily using the build-in online editor. New or additional process templates can also be created with ease. Our built-in editor performs syntax checks and there is a range of features at your disposal that developers use. Those who wish to use their preferred editor to create process templates can upload the relevant application code into Floweye.

Workflow master Code editing

User friendly

The most important part of our application is where users can see the tasks distributed to them by the process template. It is no coincidence that the Floweye user interface resembles an email client; it is user friendly, highly intuitive and, as such, allows users to start working with the application immediately.

Workflow master User friendly

Workflow master?

Workflow is determined by a process template. Even a small organization may need to run several workflows. The admin can use effective build-in tools to see a diagram for each workflow, the overview of everyone’s workflow(s), to debug, fix and resolve workflows which are not progressing, and much more.

Workflow master


$10 up to 10 users


Optimise your workflow for up to 10 users for $10 per month. Even small teams can achieve great results.

$10 For more than
10 users.


$10 per month for 10 users + $10 per month for each additional user

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Customised solutions

Do you need to run Floweye on your own infrastructure? Contact us to find the most suitable solution for your situation